What We Offer ...

Early Treatments

Starting at 7,8, or 9, interceptive “Phase I” orthodontic treatment can eliminate harmful habits, save space for permanent teeth, improve jaw relationships, properly align teeth, and more. It can enhance smiles, increase confidence, simplify the second phase, and dramatically reduce the length of time that full braces are needed in most cases.

Metal Braces

Our metal braces are the most versatile ever. They have been specifically designed to work with the new “memory” wires used today. The result is a GENTLE and continuous force, making tooth movement faster and more comfortable. The elastic ties come in many colors, allowing patients to customize and brighten their smiles.

Clear Braces

These braces are desired for the aesthetic appeal. Ours are a blend of acrylic and ceramic, which will not damage teeth like purely ceramic braces can. A thin metal insert makes them stronger and improves tooth movement. Clear and tooth colored elastic ties enhance the aesthetic appearance.


These “invisible braces” are a great way to improve your smile. Each one makes a small incremental improvement. The final aligner completes the correction and is worn as a retainer for long-term stabilization. Aligners are a clear material, making them virtually invisible; and are easy to remove, allowing normal eating and oral hygiene.

Snoring/OSA Treatment

Snoring can be embarrassing, annoying, and cause breathing difficulties. If severe enough, the airway can completely collapse and cause obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The SomnoDent MAS device we offer is a Mandibular Advancement Splint (MAS) that treats snoring and mild to moderate OSA. It is custom made, allows normal mouth opening and closing, and is adjustable. It is a comfortable, easy to wear, highly effective solution for the majority of patients.

Even if you are 40, 50, or 60 ... It's never to late!