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Dr. Greer and staff are the best! Years ago I met several orthodontists to find someone for my son. As soon as we were greeted by Dr. Greer we knew he was our man! He is so kind and patient, the whole staff is :)

We love going to our appointments to see them all and did I mention my kid has got the greatest smile ever! We were very apprehensive of what the road was going to lead to. It seemed a bit scary, but Dr. Greer has made it a pleasant trip all the way through! Thank you Dr. Greer and staff for all that you do!

Monique R., San Ramon, CA


My coworker recommended me to Dr. Greer when I worked at San Ramon. He was the only ortho that stated I would not need to remove any of my teeth upon doing braces.

At the time, I was 26 years old w/ jacked up asian teeth. Although pricey, about $4-5k (my insurance covered 1/2) it was well worth it. Very professional and great attitude from day one. It was a pleasure going there.

When I told him i was moving to L.A. he mentioned he'd recommend me some of his colleagues here, but I continued to drive back up to San Ramon until my braces were removed by none other than, Dr. Greer himself. GREAT!

SilGuy Z., Chino Hills, CA

Both of my children went to Dr. Greer and their results were perfection! Great office location, plenty of easy parking,helpful and friendly staff. Highest recomendation.

Dede V., San Ramon, CA

All of our kids go to Dr. Greer and we love his office. The doctor and staff are always smiling and friendly, and they get us in and out right on time. With my busy schedule, this is great!

Our oldest got her braces off already and her smile is beautiful. Our middle one has about 9 more months, but things look wonderful at this point. Our 8 year old had two sets of front teeth. He was a real mess. Some baby teeth were removed and a first phase of braces done. What a difference!

We highly recommend Dr.Greer and his wonderful staff.

Sally A., San Ramon, CA

All of my children have had their teeth straightened by Dr. Greer and we were completely satisfied. He was always friendly, his staff was warm, and he always gave much attention to detail. Their smiles are beautiful and we couldn't be more thrilled.

Thank you Dr. Greer we would recommend you highly to everyone.

Jennifer M., Concord, CA

I had braces as a teenager, didn't wear my retainers, and over the years my front teeth had shifted. When we moved to Danville, the dentist I went to recommended invisalign.It was very expensive and I wasn't sure it was worth the cost.

My neighbor had gone to Dr. Greer and loves his office the the work he did for her. She kept telling me to go see him, so I finally did. I found out that invisalign is just a brand. Dr. Greer uses several different companies to make them, so he was able to pick the one that was best for me.

I am so glad I took the time to see Dr. Greer. It only took six months to complete the work, it cost less than invisalign, and my smile is beautiful again.

I want to thank Dr. Greer for a wonderful job!

Mack C., San Ramon, CA

It took me years to decide to get braces. My back teeth didn't hit right and I didn't like the way my teeth looked, but I didn't want a "metal mouth" as an adult. I looked into invisalign, but was told it would not correct all of my problems.

The clear braces Dr. Greer used were the perfect choice for me. I now have the smile I've always wanted!

I highly recommend Dr. Greer and his wonderful staff to anyone who wants a beautiful smile like mine.

We had a wonderful experience. Dr. Greer and his staff are truly amazing! They are always smiling, friendly, and very professional. Our son had a mouth that you would have to see to believe.

It was that bad! Dr. Greer thoroughly explained what needed to be done before we started and kept us in the loop during the whole process. He gave him the extra care and TLC he needed, his treatment was done right on time, and his smile is gorgeous.

We tell everyone we know about Dr. Greer. We recommend him without reservation.

Dr. Greer treated both of my children and the results were amazing.My daughters treatment took less than 1 year and my sons a little longer,but he definately needed more work. The office staff is pleasant and very helpful in regards to working with the insurance company.

I would highly recommend Dr. Greer to anyone looking for exceptional service and a great smile!


We took our son to Dr. Greer. It was a wonderful experience from the first day we visited the office.

The braces were on for just over a year and he now has a fantastic smile. We could not have picked a better orthodontist! We recommend Dr. Greer to all our friends.

Betty R., San Ramon, CA

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