Frequently Asked Questions ...

Q: At what age should a child have an orthodontic screening?
A: Age 7 or 8 is ideal in most cases, unless you suspect a problem at an earlier age.

Q: Why are some children treated before all of the permanent teeth are in?
A: Preventive or interceptive care can guide the jaw and erupting teeth into more favorable positions, improving the growth and alignment of the jaws, preserve space for the permanent teeth, reduce the likelihood of fracturing protruded front teeth, and eliminate damaging habits.

Q: If my child has early treatment, will additional treatment be necessary?
A: Yes. After all of the permanent teeth have erupted, treatment is usually necessary to complete the work that was started in the earlier phase. In most cases, however, the second phase in braces will be much shorter when early treatment has been done.

Q: What will happen in the time between early treatment and full braces?
A: This growth and observation period will involve a combination of retaining the correction thatís been made, and guiding the erupting permanent teeth into more favorable positions. Since the timing of treatment is critical, your childís growth and development will be carefully monitored during this period.

Q: In addition to aesthetic improvements, what are other benefits of orthodontic treatment?
A: Additional benefits may include better function, improved hygiene, healthier gums, more favorable wear patterns, and greater longevity of natural teeth.

Q: When is an adult to old for orthodontic treatment?
A: Age is not a factor for those who can benefit from orthodontics. Increasing numbers of adults are taking advantage of the lifelong benefits of orthodontic treatment. They have made the choice to spend the rest of their lives with an attractive, healthy smile and the confidence that it brings.

Q: What can we expect from your practice?
A: You can expect a unique combination of art, science, and years of experience as an orthodontic specialist. Our goal is to provide the highest level of orthodontic care in a friendly, professional environment designed to earn your trust and confidence.

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